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Please note that we have a new phone number for appointments: 0300 111 0031 Beech Tree

These are the sorts of problems many couples encounter at some point in their relationship.

Our relationships are important to us. Healthy relationships make us happy and improve the quality of our lives.

Children too are happier when their parents have a successful relationship.


Anyone can have a relationship problem, regardless of their age, the length of time they have been together, or their circumstances.

Relationship skills can be learnt, and it can help to talk about relationships with a Counsellor who has knowledge of how they can work better.

Couple Counselling Argyll is one of twenty two local services forming Relationships Scotland. We have been offering confidential advice throughout Argyll & the islands for over twenty years. Our former operating name was Relate Argyll. Relate Scotland, our parent body, merged with Family Mediation Scotland in 2007 to form the National Charity, Relationships Scotland.

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Seeking help or advice early is common sense, and does not mean you are failing.

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All sorts of people come to Couple Counselling Argyll and find it helps them to understand what is going on in their relationships and to change things for the better.

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